Yuken Teruya

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Born in Okinawa, Japan, New York-based Yuken Teruya provides a refreshing modern take on traditional craft techniques. His work employs every day objects such as toilet paper rolls and shopping bags, usually considered symbols of consumerism or ecological imbalance, to create worlds of unexpected beauty. Rather than criticize consumer society, Teruya’s work invites viewers to read the works through their own frames of reference.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Teruya moved to the United States and continued his education at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he attained his master’s degree in the same subject. Teruya’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions around the world, including shows at the Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York; Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica; Murata & Friends Gallery, Berlin; Basel, Switzerland; and The Ueno Royal Art Museum, Tokyo.

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Yuken Teruya
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