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Public assistance is vital to the fulfillment of the Center's mission in collecting significant materials and in establishing a strong financial base. The Center welcomes inquiries about donation of archival materials that fall within its collection scope and mission. Please contact Archivist Ruth Steele (Tel: 650 7747) for more information.

Donation of Archival Materials 

The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies seeks to collect material the represents significant developments in the region which stretches from Alaska to Northern California, from the Pacific to the Rocky Mountains with a particular focus on northwest Washington, the Olympic Peninsula, British Columbia and Alaska. Particular emphasis is given to the collection of material documenting economic development, cultural and social history, and other unique and historically significant trends in the region.  

Determining what types of records are appropriate for transfer:  

Archives are records of enduring historical value generated by individuals, groups or associations. The Center seeks archival materials valuable to future scholars of the Pacific Northwest. The Center does not seek records that document personal careers, organizational history, or general research interests unless this material has a direct relation to the history and development of the Pacific Northwest region.  

Appropriate records include primary source material, such as correspondence, photographs, maps and architectural drawings, scrapbooks, diaries, sketches, financial records, oral history interviews, drafts and manuscripts of publications, research notes and writings, subject or project files, unique or annotated publications, audio and video tapes and electronic records, artwork and ephemera which describe the region from earliest times to the present.  

Preparing records for transfer:  

As the person who created the records, you are the one most familiar with their historical and evidential value and with the filing system used to retrieve information from your records. This information is crucial to the arrangement and description process that will ensure that the records are available for future scholarship. We encourage donors to follow these basic guidelines below when preparing records for transfer to the Center:  

  • Maintain the filing system already in place. Center staff will assist in the boxing of all papers for transfer. The papers will be stored in the original order that they were filed. If there is no filing system in place the files should be labeled with identifying information, such as project title, correspondence, financial records, subject files, etc.
  • Remove duplicate materials.
  • Remove publications and non-unique secondary sources, such as, books, periodicals, and facsimiles of articles accessible at other locations.
  • Remove any material that you do not want readily available for public access.
  • Ensure that you have rights to all material that you intend to donate to the Center, including but not limited to oral history interviews and photographs. Include any relevant documentation with the transfer.
  • Be prepared to sign a deed of gift to formally transfer ownership of donated materials to the Center.

Monetary Donations

Sledding supplies over High Pass, 1920. Image from the Gargett Mine Collection, CPNWS.

CPNWS encourages its patrons and friends to consider financial donations such as direct monetary donations, transfer of stocks and bonds, bequests, and matching grants. All financial gifts are much needed and gladly welcomed, and play a crucial role in supporting CPNWS and its archival collections. Financial donations can be made via this online pledge form or by mail to the Western Foundation, 516 High St, Bellingham WA 98225-3034. Please designate  "CPNWS" as the program you would like to support. CPNWS is a program of Western Libraries, located in the Goltz-Murray Archives Building. Individuals or organizations interested in assisting CPNWS may also contact Mark Bagley at the Western Foundation (Tel: 360-650-3612) with questions about financial donations, endowment opportunities, and associated benefits for donors.