Art Exhibits in the Library

Gallery 2 (Wilson 3, Balcony) - see gallery description

This exhibit explores snapshots of an individual: the hand, foot, shoulder, back and a partial view of the face.  Drawn in black and white charcoal on colored paper, the colors are muted.  The interest lies more in the forms themselves.

The intent behind this set of drawings is to examine.  Examine your hands.  They enable you-to climb a mountain, to swim in the sea, to do what you love and interact with the world.  They tell a story, always in a state of change; perhaps growing, freckling, or aging.  Perhaps the skin has grown tough from hard work or the muscles have grown strong from lifting and climbing, adapting to what we need from them.  The same ideas can be applied to the rest of the human form.


This exhibit was made by Emma Nestvold.

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Display by: Emma Nestvold
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