Art Exhibits in the Library

Gallery 1 (Skybridge) - see gallery description

A display to show the various materials available in the Map Collection. The Map Collection is located in WL 170-come see more amazing maps!

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Display by: Map Collection Employees Adam Zerby and Jordan Stello
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Gallery 2 (Wilson 3, Balcony) - see gallery description

      Western faces : ultra closeups

      Photographs by Robin sizemore


This exhibit is the result of an Independent study art 400 class I took with garth amundson during fall 2014.

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Display by: Robin Sizemore
Gallery 3 (Wilson 3, East) - see gallery description

       The suburbs are remarkable because they connect to my upbringing as well as the start of our society’s development into its state of hyperreality. My acrylic paintings reference the suburbs of Southern California and the Pacific Northwest as a way to discuss our society’s progression into what theorist Jean Baudrillard terms “hyperreality”, a state in which we are unable to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. The simplified rows of houses and the repeated canvas size, dramatizes the normalcy of repetition, monotony, and indolent nature of routine and sameness experienced in the suburban culture. I intend to express the desensitization and obsession with simulation as stimulation in our culture today. With the onslaught of media, advances in technology, global community forming and many other factors contributing to unification, we develop a shared mass culture where making distinctions disappear as we form a homogenous blob.

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Display by: Kendra Story