LIT will help you find what you need in the library and on the Internet. The skills you learn will save you time and teach you to critically evaluate the information you need for academic success.

LIT is comprised of six modules. Each one takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. All modules include:

  • A list of key concepts and skills you should learn
  • Main text
  • A quiz

If you are a WWU student taking LIT for a class and you are not logged into Canvas, please return to Canvas to login. Once logged in to Canvas, navigate to your course, then navigate to modules. There will be an entire module called Library Information Tutorial.

You do not need to take the entire tutorial at one time. In fact, we recommend that you take your time and learn the content.

Guests may also complete the tutorial. However, the quizzes are only available to WWU students who are logged into the system.

Use the red navigation arrows at the bottom of each screen to move through the tutorial.

LIT Home Module choice Input