Library Information Tutorial (LIT) User Guide for Western faculty
  • What is LIT?

LIT is an educational and interactive Web site designed to introduce students to research sources and improve their library skills. The tutorial is made up of 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Starting Smart - types of information sources that are appropriate for academic research
  • Module 2: Choosing a Topic - topic selection and how to identify keywords to search your topic
  • Module 3: Using the Catalog - how to search Western Libraries' Library Catalog
  • Module 4: Finding Articles - how to use online databases (also called article indexes) to identify articles on a subject
  • Module 5: Using the Web - critical and efficient searching on the Internet
  • Module 6: Citing Sources - citing sources, plagiarism, and copyright

Each module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and concludes with a quiz. There is only one online quiz for Modules 1 and 2 which appears at the end of Module 2.

  • LIT is also a module in Canvas that includes the web lessons and quizzes. Contact Ryer Banta to import the LIT module into your canvas couse.
  • Once imported into your course, you can customize the settings of the quizzes.