Compost that paper towel!

As part of the green energy fee initiative, a pilot project to compost paper towels used in the first and second floors of Haggard Hall begins Winter Qtr. 2012!

Composting will significantly decrease the amount of waste that this campus sends to landfills. The focus is on compost because according to the AS Recycle Center, 72% of Western’s waste is already recycled and the majority of the remaining portion is compostable. 

A  major expense  for  the university is the purchasing and disposal of paper towels. An essential part of this compost program is educating the general public about compost and waste reduction on campus.

By increasing informational signs around composting  and trash bins, students will be better apt to sort their waste & further decrease the amount of waste sent to the landfill. The main goal of this project is to reduce overall use and waste of resources, namely paper towels.

The measurable objectives will be to increase composting options on campus through composting paper towels in bathrooms and increasing educational signage pertaining to composting on campus. Additionally,  a blog online will provide interested students and faculty with statistics, information, videos, and updated results as the project moves along. This blog can be found at