The Zeta Book Scanner is Here!

Student using new STC scanner

Western Libraries and the Student Technology Center have partnered in providing a next generation book scanner to the Learning Commons. This joint purchase was funded through Student Technology Fees to provide scanning capabilities and ease of use not previously readily available to students and faculty.

Known as the Zeta, this awesome-looking and awesome-performing scanner is perfectly designed for scanning content from bound volumes, but also accommodates flat sheets of up to 19x14 inches making it great for smaller maps.  

The Zeta’s intuitive and interactive touch screen interface allows anyone to produces great color, grey scale and black & white images in a variety of file types that can be uploaded to the campus network or taken away on a USB thumbdrive. Files can also be named and added to a shopping cart for holding until finished scanning. Then load them all at once!

The articulated book carriage allows for face up scanning of thick bound volumes without damage to the binding. It also positions both the left and right pages the same distance from the scan lens for perfect clarity. Face-up scanning makes it incredibly easy to scan your way through journal articles or a book chapter without constant flip flopping the after each page turn.

Drop by the Student Technology Center on Haggard 2 and try out the Zeta. The STC staff can answer your questions or help you get started…but that probably won’t be necessary!

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