New Art Exhibit

Western Libraries is pleased to announce we are currently hosting selections from the work of artist Patty Bover in Galleries 2 and 3, (located on the third floor of Wilson Library in the area overlooking the Skybridge, and then also in the east hallway near the Children's Collection). Patty Bover is an ATUS staff member here at Western who will be retiring in June and devoting her time to her art on a full-time basis. Patty's husband David, who also works here at Western as the Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology, makes all of the wooden frames for her artwork from reclaimed wood he either salvages or obtains from The ReStore.  

Patty Bover paint with acrylics and her technique involves creating depth with layers of paint while relying on her intuition to discover what she will paint. As she explains: 

"I mostly paint abstracts with whimsy tossed in occasionally.  For the most part, I paint intuitively.  I don’t plan paintings (when I do, they usually don’t turn out the way I planned anyway).  I put multiple layers of paint on a canvas or other substrate, making random marks as I go.  Eventually, one or more images appear.  I might keep those images or paint over them and continue.  Many layers of paint add a nice depth to the paintings, which definitely adds interest. Big and bold are my favorite ways of creating art."

Patty also states that she paints because she feels compelled to paint, and that acrylic painting has become her passion. 

"I love to share my artwork with others and find out what they see in the paintings and what feelings they evoke," said Patty, explaining that she appreciates the chance to show her work in the Libraries' galleries. Patty's work will be on display from now through May 26th.