Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund

Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund

WWU Libraries Special Collections invites your participation in The Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund, established with founding gifts from Special Collections staff members Marian Alexander and Tamara Belts to honor The Fly Fishing Collection's generous benefactor and enthusiastic supporter, Jack Hutchinson.

From his first gift in March 2006 to his last in September 2008, Jack donated more than 300 books to The Fly Fishing Collection, including rare editions of classic British and American works. In addition to books, he gave periodicals, flies, hooks, rods, a valuable creel, and photographs and other art works. Along the way, he provided Marian and Tamara with advice, recommendations, reminiscences, and wonderful tales of fishing, fishers, and the pursuit of feathers, fur, bugs, and books. More than a valued donor, he was our teacher and friend, and we will miss him.

The Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund will support ongoing purchase of materials for The Fly Fishing Collection in areas of particular interest to Jack, including bamboo rod building, aquatic entomology, fly tying, and fly-making materials. Jack helped us to create the foundation of a superb resource for fly fishing research. With your help, we can both honor and continue to realize his legacy.

The easiest way to contribute to the Fund is by writing a check, payable to WWU Foundation-Wilson Library, designating the contribution for the "Hutchinson Fund."

Please mail your contributions to:

Paul Piper
Special Collections Librarian
WWU Libraries, MS-9103
516 High St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

For further information, call Paul Piper at 360-650-3097, or email paul.piper@wwu.edu

Thank you for remembering Jack in this way.

Link to Jack Hutchinson oral history