Ulrich Mammitzsch Collection

Ulrich Mammitzsch Collection

Western Collection: Mammitzsch, U. (Box)

Biographical Note

A teacher, scholar, and translator specializing in East Asian studies, particularly in the areas of art involving mandala in the Buddhist traditions of Japan and Tibet, Ulrich Mammitzch was born on December 15, 1935, in Rodishain, Germany, to Hans Richard and Helene Mammitzsch. Following his early life in several villages in eastern Germany, he attended the Franckenshen Stiftung and the university in Halle. In 1957, he fled to western Germany and received a diploma from the university at Hamburg in 1959. Moving to the United States, he received the MA in American History from Southern Illinois University in 1961.

During 1963/64, he taught American and Asian history on Taipei, Taiwan, followed by seven years as a graduate assistant and subsequently faculty member at the University of Hawaii, where he received the PhD in 1968. In 1971, he joined the faculty of Western Washington State College, later Western Washington University, in Bellingham, where he taught in the General Studies and Liberal Studies departments and served as director of East Asian Studies. His scholarly work included a new translation (with R. J. Payton) of Johann Huizinga's classic work Herfsttij der middeleeuwen and numerous articles as well as presentations at international conferences on the iconography of the Buddhist mandala. Ulrich Mammitzsch died in Bellingham, Washington, on November 19, 1990.

Scope & Content Note

The collection consists of manuscripts, texts of conference presentations, reprints, teaching materials, correspondence, and notes; 1976-1990. It includes a draft copy of Mammitzsch's translation (with Rodney Johns Payton) of Johann Huizinga's Herfsttij der middeleeuwen; a copy of Mammitzsch's two volume translation of selections from the Propylaen-Weltgeschichte issued as publication no. 9 of the Western Washington State College Program in East Asian Studies; and correspondence (1994) addressed to and by R. J. Payton relating to posthumous publication of a selection of Mammitzsch's works.

Notes on Arrangement

The collection is organized into series by type of materials. Each series is organized chronologically with individual items enclosed or grouped in folders. The majority of the folders were labeled by Professor Mammitzsch. The arrangement is by Special Collections.


The collection is the gift of Rodney Johns Payton, 2001, for The Western Collection.

Copyright Notice

Some of the material in this collection may be under copyright.





I. Publications

II. Conference presentations

III. Correspondence

IV. Miscellaneous


I. Publications


1/1    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. A history of Chinese civilization from prehistory to mid-Ch'ing: translated from the 1960 edition of the Propylaeen Weltgeschichte (Bellingham, 1976). 2 volumes. 2 copies of volume 1.

1/2    Mammitzsch, Ulrich R. "Women's Emancipation in China--Reflections on Recent Trends in the Perception of Progress" Journal of Ethnic Studies 8 (1980): 77-108. Offprint; 2 copies.

1/3    Mammitzsch, Ulrich H. R. "The Ryobu Mandara of Shingon Buddhism in Religious and Historical Perspective." Ajia Kenkyujo Kiyo 8 (1981): 65-97. Offprint; 5 copies.

1/4    Mammitzsch, Ultich. "On the Evolution of the Garbhadhatu Mandala." Acta Orientalia 44 (1990): 25-40. Offprint; 4 copies. With manuscript of the original paper presented at the Bicentenary Csoma de Koros Symposium, Visegrad-Budapest, Hungary, September 13-19, 1984; conference program; and List of Participants.

1/5    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Mandala and Landscape in Japan." Landscape and Mandala. Ed. Alexander Macdonald. New Delhi: Printworld, 1997. Manuscript; 2 copies. With letters between Mammitzsch (March 12 and December 11, 1989) and the editor, Alexander ("Sandy") Macdonald (September 7, 1989, and March 20, 1990), concerning transmittal and receipt of the manuscript.

1/6    Huizinga, Johann. The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Translated by Ulrich Mammitzsch and Rodney Payton. Draft copy, paper and spiral bound, 1990.


II. Conference presentations




1/7    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Imago Mundi - the Ryobu Mandara of Shingon Buddhism and Its Symbolic Pattterns." Paper presented at the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, August 30-September 7, 1983. 2 photocopies. With "Travel Information" brochure.

1/8    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "The Iconography of Acarya-designed Images in the Garbhadhatu (Womb World) Mandala of the Ryobu Mandara of Shingon Buddhism." Paper presented at the International Seminar on Buddhist Iconography, New Delhi, March 31-April 2, 1984. Photocopy.

1/9    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "On the Structure of the Outermost Enclosure of the Genzu Garbhadhatu Mandala. Paper submitted at the 7th Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Bologna, Italy, July 8-13, 1985. Original draft and one photocopy. With photocopies of conference announcement, preliminary registration form, and "1st circular."

2/1    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Art and Icon." Paper presented at the Sculpture Symposium, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, May 19-23, 1986. 2 photocopies.

2/2    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Form and Function in Japanese Mandala." Paper and slide presentation at the 31st International Congress for Asian and North African Studies (ICANAS), Hamburg, August 25-30, 1986. Original draft and one photocopy.

2/3    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "On the Definition and Classification of Mandala in the Japanese Tradition." Paper presented at the 8th Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, California, August 8-10, 1987. With letter (April 1, 1987) to Mammitzsch from Lewis R. Lancaster, Conference Chairman, concerning acceptance of the paper, and 2 copies of the conference program.

2/4    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "The Mandalas of the Tibetan and Sino-Japanese Versions of the Mahavairocana Sutra." Paper presented at the Csoma de Koros Symposium, Sopron, Hungary, August 29-September 4, 1987. Photocopy with pencil note: "Paper presented (reworked for publication) or published version?"

2/5    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "The Tibetan and Sino-Japanese Versions of the Mahavairocana-Sutra Mandala." Paper given at the Csoma de Koros Symposium, Sopron, Hungary, August 29-September 4, 1987. 2 photocopies. With letter to Mammitzsch (February 15, 1987) from Gyorgy Kara and Geza Bethlenfalvy of the Organizing Committee, confirming acceptance of the paper and outlining arrangements; one copy of the conference program; and one copy of the List of Participants.

2/6    Fisher, Michael, Milton Krieger [and] Ulrich Mammitzsch. "Teaching Non-European Humanities: a Coherent Curricular Model." Paper presented to the 27th Annual Conference of the Association for General and Liberal Studies, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 29-31, 1987. Photocopy.

2/7    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Lecture 13: The World-Wide Expansion of European Power." Meiji University International Exchange Programs Guest Lecture Series, no. 9 (1988): The American Experience and Its Place in World History. Paperbound copy issued by Center for International Programs, Meiji University. 2 copies.

2/8    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "The Notion of Stupidity in East Asia." Paper presented at the Symposium on Stupidity, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, 1989. 2 photocopies and 1 copy of two pages of illustrations.

2/9    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Shogon and Mandala in the Maha-Vairocana Sutra and Its Commentaries in the Sino-Japanese Tradition." Paper [55 p.] presented at the International Seminar on Tibetan Studies, Narita, Japan, August 27-September 2, 1989. One original with Japanese characters inserted in red ink, and one photocopy.. With 2 letters to Mammitzsch from Prof. Shoren Ihara (October 20, 1989, and March 9, 1990) concerning the decision not to publish the paper in Seminar's Proceedings; photocopy of the abstract of the paper; photocopy of the "Order Form" completed by Mammitzch; photocopy of the "Third Circular" of December 1988 describing conference arrangements; and conference program.

2/10     Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Shogon and Mandala in the Maha-Vairocana Sutra and Its Commentaries in the Sino-Japanese Tradition." Paper presented at the International Seminar on Tibetan Studies, Narita, Japan, August 27-September 2, 1989.  [Version [30 p.] for publication]. Original with Japanese characters inserted in red ink.

2/11    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Concepts I Found Useful in Carrying Out My Research." Paper presented under title "Some Models, Concepts and Ideas That I Have Found Useful in Teaching and/or Research" at Linguistics Seminar, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, [Western Washington University], February 21, 1990. 2 photocopies. With photocopy of announcement.

2/12     Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "Mandalas--the Changing Face of an Imago Mundi." Paper presented at the 33rd International Congress of Asian and North African Studies, Toronto, August 19-25, 1990. Original with notations and inserted Japanese characters in red ink; one photocopy with with brief notations by Mammitzsch attached; one copy of "shorter version" [for publication]; one copy of publisher's proof with corrections and attached letter to publisher (November 20, 1991) written by Linda Pettigrew, Office Assistant [Western Washington University]. With brochure "First Circular and Call for Papers;" "Second Circular;" letter (December 20, 1999) included in registration packet; letter to Mammitzsch (January 9, 1990) from Dr. A. Harrak, acknowledging acceptance of paper proposal and inviting presentation; photocopy of paper proposal; registration acknowledgment, with attached receipt and cancelled envelope.


III. Correspondence




2/13    Letters from Ulrich Mammitzsch to the following:

        Professor Alexander W. MacDonald (November 26, 1984)

        Professor Bhikshu Samdhong Rinpoche (November 26, 1984)

        Dr. L. S. Dagyab Rinpoche (November 28, 1984)

        Professor Ishida (November 29, 1984) [2 letters]

        Professor Manabe Shunsho (November 29, 1984)

        Doboom Tulku (December 3, 1984)

        Professor Dietrich Seckel (December 6, 1984)

        Dr. Wilhelm Muller (December 10, 1984) [2 letters]

        Professor Amalia Pezzali (February 20, 1985)

        Professor Manabe (February 26, 1985)

        Professor Amalia Pezzali (March 25, 1985)

2/14    Letters to Mammitzsch from the following:

        Lokesh Chandra (January 15, 1986)


IV. Miscellaneous




2/15    Addiss, Stephen. Rev. of Buddhist Art of East Asia, by Dietrich Seckel, trans. by Ulrich Mammitzsch. Journal of Asian Studies (1990): 621-22. Offprint. With photocopy of Choice card (March 1990).

2/16    Mammitzsch, Ulrich. "[Raw Data - Mandala Comparison"]. Winter 1985.

2/17    Photocopies: "Patriotism," by Mishima Yukio, from New Writing in Japan; "From: the Myth-Narrative--The Deity Age."

Unidentified notes.

2/18    Correspondence between Dr. Lokesh Chandra (February 2, 1993; May 23, 1994) and Professor Rodney J. Payton (May 4, 1994; July 12, 1994) regarding posthumous publication of a number of Mammitzsch's articles and papers in book form.

2/19    Matthies, Volker. "Black Africa: Political Conflicts and Development Crises (Opladen, 1971)," trans. by Ulrich Mammitzsch and Milton Krieger, Bellingham, 1974. "For Classroom Use Only."


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