Keith A. Murray Collection

Keith A. Murray Collection

Western Collection: Murray, K. and Box

Biographical Note

A teacher and scholar of the history of the American West, and in particular the history of the Pacific Northwest, Keith A. Murray was born on October 31, 1910, in Nez Perce, Idaho. He was educated at Whitworth College, where he received a BA in 1935, followed by the MA (1940) and PhD (1946) in history from the University of Washington. He was employed as a teacher at Richland (Wash.) High School and at Kent (Wash.) High School and as the principal of Coupeville (Wash.) High School before his appointment in 1946 to the faculty of the History department of Western Washington University (then Western Washington State College).

Dr. Murray wrote extensively about regional history. His notable works include Pig Wars (1968), concerning an infamous 1859 incident between U. S. and British soldiers on San Juan Island, The Modocs and Their Ways, about the Modoc Indians of California, and Reindeer and Gold, based on an Alaskan reindeer herder's journal. He also authored numerous articles on local history topics and was a prolific contributor of book reviews to professional journals in the field of history of the American West. A beloved teacher who once estimated that he had taught more than 20,000 students during his career, Dr. Murray retired from the faculty of Western Washington University in 1977 as Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of History. The Goltz-Murray Archives & Records Center commemorates his long years of exemplary service to the University. Dr. Murray died on March 9, 2000, in Bellingham, Wash., at the age of 89.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of books, off-prints and photocopies of articles and book reviews authored by  Dr. Murray and individual issues of journals containing items by Dr. Murray, as well as bound and unbound carbon copies of his MA thesis (UW, 1940), an annotated carbon copy draft of his PhD thesis (UW, 1946), and typescripts or copies of typescripts of a number of unpublished works. The collection also includes lists of his publications compiled by Dr. Murray 1973-77. The items in the collection were created between 1940 and ca. 1992.

Notes on Arrangement

The books in the Keith A. Murray Collection are shelved under "Murray" in The Western Collection stacks area, sub-arranged by title. Additional copies of individual book titles may also be available in the Libraries' circulating collection; search the library catalog by author or title for more information.

The collection is organized into numbered folders housed in two boxes. Articles, book reviews and unpublished works are organized chronologically by date of publication, or presumed date of authorship, then by title within year. The arrangement is by Special Collections.


The Keith A. Murray Collection is comprised of materials obtained for The Western Collection through a transfer of custody from the WWU University Archives & Records Center authorized by the WWU Bureau of Faculty Research, and by gift from Christian (Murray) Starks on behalf of the family of Keith A. Murray.

Copyright Notice

Material in this collection may be under copyright.



Centennial Churches of Washington's "Fourth Corner," by Keith A. Murray, Bellingham, Wash.: Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, 1985.

The History of the Bellingham Rotary Club, 1917-1981, by Keith A. Murray, Bellingham, Wash.: Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, 1981.

The Modocs and Their War, by Keith A. Murray, Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 1959.

The Pig Way, by Keith A. Murray, Tacoma, Wash.: Washington State Historical Society, 1968.

Reindeer and Gold, by Keith A. Murray, Bellingham, Wash.: Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, 1988.

The Story of Banking in Whatcom County, by Keith A. Murray, [Bellingham, Wash.: Bellingham National Bank,  1955?]

Box Inventory

1/1:   Lists of publications, 1973-1977

1/2:   Murray, Keith Alexander. The Movement Toward Statehood in Washington Territory. Thesis (MA)--University of Washington [1940]. (Final version, carbon copy; soft-cover binding).

1/3:   Murray, Keith A.. The Movement for Statehood in Washington. Thesis (MA)--University of Washington, 1940. (Presumed preliminary version; carbon copy; unbound. Includes four pages, at end, of handwritten bibliographical notes).

1/4:   Murray, Keith Alexander. Republican Party Politics in Washington during the Progressive Era. Thesis (PhD)--University of Washington, 1946. ("Personal copy", carbon, with corrections and additions in pencil)


2/1:  Articles, 1941-1958

Murray, Keith A. "The Movement for Statehood in Washington." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 32 (1941): 349-384. (2 copies)

Murray, Keith. "Research Suggestions: the Wesley L. Jones Papers." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 36 (1945): 65-68.

Murray, Keith A. "The Aberdeen Convention of 1912." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 38 (1947): 99-108. (2 copies)

Murray, Keith. "Issues and Personalities of Pacific Northwest Politics, 1889-1950." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 41 (1950): 213-233.

Murray, Keith A. "A Governor's Place in History." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 44 (1953): 58-60. (2 copies)

Murray, Keith A. "Doctor Jackson and the Dawson Reindeer." Idaho Yesterdays 2 (1958): 8-15, 34.


2/2:  Articles, 1961-1973

Murray, Keith A. "The Role of the Hudson's Bay Company in Pacific Northwest History." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 52 (1961): 24-31. (2 copies)

Murray, Keith A. "Comment" [on "The Murder of Missionary Thornton," by Maurice Montgomery]. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 54 (1963): 173-174.

Murray, Keith A. "Building a Wagon Road through the Northern Cascade Mountains." Pacific Northwest Quarterly 56 (1965): 49-56. (2 copies)

Murray, Keith A. "The Peter Martin Case." Alaska Journal 2 (1972): 48-57.

Murray, Keith A. "The Trail Smelter Case: International Air Pollution in the Columbia Valley." BC Studies 15 (1972): 68-85.

Murray, Keith A. "A Selection of Books on Washington." PNLA Quarterly 37.4 (1973): 4-8.


2/3:  Book Reviews, 1949-1973

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Esquimalt, Place of Shoaling Waters, by L. B. Robinson. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 40 (1949): 71-72.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Expansionists of 1812, by J. W. Pratt. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 41 (1950): 82.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Nooksack Tales and Trails, by P. R. Jeffcott. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 41 (1950): 365.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of The Fourth Corner: Highlights from the Early Northwest, by L. J. Edson. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 43 (1952): 174-175.

Murray, Keith A.  "Republican from Dubuque," rev. of William Boyd Allison: a Study in Practical Politics, by L. L. Sage. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 48 (1957): 111-112.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Massacres of the Mountains: a History of the Indian Wars of the Far West, 1815-1875, by J. P. Dunn. Idaho Yesterdays 3 (1959): 32-33.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Prudent Soldier, a Biography of Major General E. R. S. Canby, by M. L. Heyman. Oregon Historical Quarterly 61 (1960): 221-222.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of "I Will Fight No More Forever": Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Wars, by M. D. Beal. Oregon Historical Quarterly 64 (1963): 273-274.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of The Politics of Conservation: Crusades and Controversies, 1897-1913, by E. R. Richardson. Pacific Historical Review 32 (1963): 208-209.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of A Schoolmaster with the Blackfeet Indians, by D. Gold, and Tough Men, Tough Country, by E. Lucia. Arizona and the West 7 (1965): 74-75.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Leschi of the Nisquallies, by D. G. Emmons. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 57 (1966): 37.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of The American Automobile: a Brief History, by J. B. Rae. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 57 (1966): 135-136.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of The Klamath Tribe: a People and Their Reservation, by T. Stern. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 57 (1966): 190.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of The Jesuits and the Indian Wars of the Northwest, by R.I. Burns. California Historical Quarterly 46 (1967): 81-83.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home: a Book of Personal Memoirs, by P. G. Judson. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 58 (1967): 161-162.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of From Wilderness to Enabling Act: the Evolution of a State of Washington, by P. L. Beckett. Pacific Historical Review 38 (1969): 493-494.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Green Gold Harvest: a History of Logging and Its Products, by S. H. L. Barrow and J. A. Evans, and 18 Men and a Horse, by D.  H. Clark. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 61 (1970): 169-170.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Crowfoot: Chief of the Blackfeet, by H. A. Dempsey. American West 10.4 (1973): 58.

Murray, Keith A.  Rev. of Daring Donald McKay, or The Last Trail of the Modocs, ed. by K. and D. Clark. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 64 (1973): 44.


2/4:  Unpublished works

["Restlessness and Violence on the American Frontier"]. 14 leaves, typescript. [1977?]

"Academic Freedom in Seattle: 1919 Model." 24 leaves, copy. [1980?]

"Hobby Club Paper 1986" [concerning the Nez Perce Indians]. 19 leaves, typescript, annotations in red, black, and blue ink, and pencil.

"The Great Ten Year Depression." 21 leaves, typescript, annotations in black ink, includes page at end ("17") containing condensed and/or re-worked version of contents of pp. 17-21. [1990?]

"Official Lies and Liars America Has Known." 18 leaves, copy, annotations in ink. [1992?]

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