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Western Libraries Strategic Planning 2012 - 2015

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Western Libraries Strategic Plan "reboot" was presented to the library faculty and staff during Fall Quarter, 2012. The result of nearly a year’s work the revised plan focuses our strategic goals in a way that closely aligns with those of Western Washington University.

The 2012 plan is the result of extensive research and discussion on the part of the Strategic Planning Group (SPG) as well as input from the University community through student and faculty surveys, public presentations, the Senate Library Committee, and a series of "Think Tanks" designed to surface the ideas and concerns of library staff, faculty and students who were not directly part of the planning group.

Working with Tina Janni, a strategic planning consultant from the Bates Technical College Business and Management Training Center, the SPG produced a compact plan consisting of overarching goals to be supported by action goals which will be regularly revisited and revised by the Western Libraries Council. 

Following review of the plan by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Senate Library Committee, the Council, charged by the Dean, will develop and prioritize supporting action goals. The Council and the Senate Library Committee continue to serve as mechanisms for constituent concerns throughout.

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