Video Booking - Information & Instructions

Video Booking - Information & Instructions

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Individual videos from the library's circulating collection can now be booked by faculty using the "BOOK this Video" link in the library catalog record.

Video Booking is a service available to WWU faculty who need a video for classroom use on a specific date. Note that this differs from Course Reserve for videos which is recommended when students are expected to view a video on their own, outside the classroom.

To place a video on Course Reserve contact Circulation Services at (360) 650-3084.

To Self-Book A Video:

  1. Locate the title you want to book in the catalog.
  2. Click the "BOOK This Video" link above the call number.  You will be prompted for your name and Western Card number.
  3. Select a start date & end date for your booking.  If you want the video delivered to your department start your booking at least 1 working day prior to the date of showing.
  4. IMPORTANT! While creating your booking use the NOTES box to indicate that delivery is desired.  Include the name of the department and the general departmental office number.

NOTE: Videos currently on Course Reserves cannot be self-booked.

Contact the Media Desk at (360) 650-4767 to book course reserve videos, if you have related questions, or need assistance with your bookings.